About Us

We are a black owned business operating out of Boston, MA. Our founder has a vision of providing cyber security services to clients that don’t quite have the budget for a large team or just need a bit of help to strengthen their security posture. Working as a small unit allows us the ability to focus on the areas of security we enjoy and provide our customers with a hands-on, tailored approach to meet their goals. We also offer onsite cyber security training to help our clients stay sharp and obtain new skills to continually combat attackers.

Meet Our Leadership Team

O’Shea Bowens, the founder and chief executive officer of Null Hat Security LLC, is an information security enthusiast with over a decade of information security experience. O’Shea has worked and consulted for companies and clients, including the federal government, Fortune 500, and international firms. He specializes in areas of incident response, network and systems security, security architecture and malware analysis. O’Shea founded Null Hat Security as he believes a greater focus should be emphasized on personal engagements with defenders to fine tune skill sets and knowledge of threats for best response efforts.
O'Shea Bowens1