CTF in the ATL


I threw my hat into the ring. This ring is the opportunity to organize a “Capture the Flag” competition for a national conference. Once I received the nod it was time to get to work. As I didn’t quite and still don’t have as grasp on the participants background I decided to make a little something for everyone. A pcap here, some proxy logs there, a sprinkle of SQL attacks. The message to participants was simple. I don’t care programming skills, usage of Kali or another penetration testing toolkit. Internaltional Consortium of Cyber Security Professional(ICMCP) is an organization that I instantly was drawn to. The message of inclusion, mentoring, and knowledge sharing just seemed immediately awesome. The biggest challenge was tailoring a CTF to an audience I knew absolutely nothing about.


Three major takeaways:

  1. Over Prepare
  2. To the best of your ability don’t utilize tools that you, yourself can’t troubleshoot. There were participant who decided to leverage their own scripts and tool within the environment and I’m all for that, but understand you may need to re-configure.
  3. Try to have fun.



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